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Grand Hotel Lome, in Togo currently serves guests worldwide in Lome across the countries in west Africa as well as internationally. As the global leader in hospitality, we are proud to welcome our Grand Hotel Lome Properties.


So if you’re looking for a peaceful, relaxing vacation or a fun-filled family getaway, our breathtaking hotel provide the perfect setting to make new memories.


We offer guests the chance to upgrade to a higher level of comfort and convenience. When they step up to the Club, they discover their own place to be more productive, catch up with friends, enjoy complimentary breakfast or help themselves to a snack throughout the day.


We also offer luxurious sheets, a deluxe duvet, a selection of feather down and hypoallergenic pillows, and a custom mattress to each of our guest rooms.


You can enjoy the comfort of Grand Hotel Lome with sweet offers, package and or services by booking to us.


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Find rooms and rates at Grand Hotel Lome . Or, if you prefer, call +228-90-13-45-37 or +228-90-05-58-79 in the Lomé, Togo, or you can email us at: /



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