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Hotels in Lome Togo

Hotels in lome togo, has a unique location in the heart of the city and the seaside It has a close proximity to the business center of Lomé and all amenities (Grand Market banks, embassies, convention center, port authority, supermarkets, etc..). The Hotel offers a luxurious, cozy and relaxing, especially designed to meet the needs and expectations of business and leisure clientele. You will find a warm atmosphere, a refined and contemporary decor and modern amenities. The entire building is air conditioned.


If you are interested to take our services and facilities, can book at or you can direct contact by call +228-22-25-76-34 and by email or

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2473, Avenue de la Chance (Bretelle de Bè-Klikamè) B.P. 20255 Lomé, Togo

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